Monday, 18 February 2013

Grow Your Own

There's been a lots in the news about where our food comes from recently. The long chains of production between the farm and the shop mean that it's hard to imagine, let alone be sure of, where our food originates. One way to keep a closer track is to buy local from places like farmers markets and farm shops. I've been to a couple of farmers markets in the last week and the stall holders seem to be doing well in the current food crisis. Being able to tell your customers about the fields the animals grew up in is reassuring but once the latest food scare is over will people still remember to buy local?

At home, I've been doing as much gardening as our first floor flat allows. I got lots of seeds as Christmas presents and so I've been busy planting cress, peppers, strawberries, melons and various bulbs. Here are my results so far.

My cress is growing really well, and I've got lots of seeds left. It's such an easy one to grow and eat!
 The peppers aren't doing much yet, but if they're like the chillie we grew last year they should spring up ina  few weeks.

Strawberries and melon seeds are hopefully keeping warm under these home made, recycled mini green houses.

With all this growing going on it almost feels like spring!


  1. I like the home made mini greenhouses. Very ingenious - I may copy you! I'm about to start some things growing, but I have wild strawberries in the garden, so I can forage those!

  2. Thanks for the comment whatswildincornwall! Glad you like the idea, feel free to copy. Old plastic milk bottles can also be turned into useful birdfood shovels if you have any of them lying around. Hope you enjoy the blogs.