Monday, 11 March 2013

Signs of Spring

Even though it was trying to snow yesterday spring is definitely on the way. Compared to Lancashire all the signs are a little earlier down here in Devon too. 

Snowdrops were out at the start of the year and now there are daffodils, primroses, crocuses and even some early tulips, all in bloom. The flower colours are coming faster than new leaves but buds are everywhere and there are lots of catkins, soon the branches will be covered with green again. 

You can hear spring in the air too at the moment with lots of birdsong. It's my favourite time for dawn choruses because even though it might not sound as impressive as the later in the year I can hear it all without having to get up really, really early! As well as shouting from the tree tops the birds are busy preparing for the nesting season gathering twigs and grass, and looking for suitable locations. With all the movement and busyness of the new season winter seems to fade away. 

I escaped the cold last week with a visit to the Eden project. What a wonderful use for an old quarry. While the rainforest and mediterrean domes are fantastic (as well as being warm and dry) the highlight was seeing my first firecreast from about a foot away! Hoping around in a small conifer bush the tiny bird wasn't at all bothered by the noisy toddlers close by, it was much too busy finding enough food to get it through the cold of the night to come. Seeing this fantastic creature up close for about five minutes is probably the best wildlife experience I've had down in the South West but I'm sure the new season will bring more excitement. 

Closer to home, the mystery of the meal worms  continues. Once again the foods disappeared and still no sign of what's taking it. Maybe this week will bring answers...

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