Monday, 6 May 2013

Keeping Promises

Three years ago when the coalition government first came into power everyone wondered if a blue party and a yellow party working together would make a green government. In fact, they told us that's exactly what they were planning. In May 2010 David Cameron visited the Department of Energy and Climate Change and said that he wanted the coalition to be the "greenest government ever". He also said

"There is a fourth minister in this department who cares passionately about this agenda and that is me, the prime minister, right. I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

This January the government released its mid-term review and pledged to uphold those previous policies. The review said that

Climate change is one of the gravest threats we face and we have to confront it. We promised to be the greenest government ever and we will fulfil that commitment.

It's good to know that Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg still believe in these issues. I just wish they would show this in actions. My memories of the government policies don't seem to match this desire to do good. They suggested culling buzzards (and then thankfully changed their mind six days later), they have chosen less than a quarter of the suggested marine conservation zones so far and this week they abstained from a vote in Europe on whether to ban neonicotinoids which are suspected to be contributing to the drastic decline in bees that has been seen across the continent.

It might be that I only notice the bad news stories. I hope so. I hope that by writing this blog many people will tell me of all the wonderful environmental policies that have been sneaking out over the last few years. The Guardian website created a Green-o-meter to track the governments progress in its first year, if you fancy a look, check it out here.

And if after you've had a look you think the government isn't doing enough to meet it's promise of greenest government ever, you could sign this petition asking the government to remember it's promise and keep protection for wildlife and the environment. It's easy to forget a promise if no-one's asking you about it, so let's help the government remember how much it loves nature and how much it really does want to be the greenest government ever.

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