Monday, 10 March 2014

Drinking Local

Buying locally cuts down on food miles, we all know that. But I rarely think about buying local for drinks other than beer, cider and fruit juices. What about my morning tea or (occasional) evening glass of wine?

Tea and wine aren't often thought of as English products. Most people still haven't ever tried an English wine despite there being loads of good vineyards across the UK. There's even one in Yorkshire! For tea I've recently discovered that it's being grown in Cornwall. This Cornish tea is as tasty as any other I've tried and perhaps is a sign of our changing climate.

Next week I'll be blogging more about Devonian vineyards but for now I'm off to find one of them for a tasting to try it out!


  1. We like English wine. The whites anyway. Bit more expensive - so that is the drawback. I do not drink tea, but saw the report about tea being grown in UK. Trust they will treat the tea pickers better than in Far East!

    1. Thanks for the comment Anne! My preference is for reds but in the UK that is difficult as it's harder to get good red grapes in our (relatively) cool seasons. It's all to do with the skins and sugars apparently.

      The whites we've tasted though have pleasantly surprised me and when we buy a slightly more expensive bottle I tend to savour it more, so perhaps I'm getting more for my money too by buying English.