Friday, 28 October 2011

I spy...

The next few weeks I'll be on a lot of trains visiting various people around the country. Over the summer I went inter-railing in Europe and found that there are some things you can almost always guarantee to see from any train ride, no matter how long or short. There are some things in particular that you see on U.K. railways that don't turn up elsewhere on the continent-I'm sure there are more buddleia plants on the tracks here.

I've started compiling an I spy list of things I think I'll always see and then counting how many I get on each journey. I might end up adding to the list if there are things I've missed but I think it's not bad as a start and it keeps me entertained and noticing the world around me. In a few weeks I'll let you know how I did on my various trips but below is the list I'm starting with.

Hotel sign
Birds flying
At least five church spires
Some one running to catch a train, and succeeding
Someone running to catch a train, and failing
Power station
Wind  farm
Flooded field
Bridge (One point each for over a river, a road and the railway)

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