Monday, 2 April 2012

Now For Something Not Quite Completely Different

When I moved to Preston six months ago I wanted to gain experience in the environment sector, so I started volunteering for three different organisations, the Green Party, The Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Buglife. It's been a brilliant few months and as well as meeting some fantastic people I've learnt lots too: including how to make a bivouac, how local political  groups work and how to write grant applications. With all that volunteering fresh in my mind I'm excited to be starting a new role. From tomorrow I'll be working for the RSPB as their Membership Development Assistant for the Ribble area. So if you live in the area you might see me around at local, and not so local, events in the near future, keep your eyes peeled!

With all the excitement of the new job there will be less time for blogging, so I've decided to go for quality over quantity and from today I'll be blogging three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I hope you still enjoy my posts and keep reading!

My volunteering experiences have been great over the last six months and I want to thank everyone I've met for making me feel welcome and giving me useful things to do! For anyone looking at starting a career in the environment sector I can't suggest anything better than getting stuck in and volunteering to find out what it's really like and if you really love it.

On a slightly different topic I went for a walk round Moor Park in Preston today. With buds coming out everywhere it might not be the easiest time to ID trees (or maybe it is I have no idea) but we had a go and found a surprising number of different species. Horse chestnut, cherry and beech were quite easy but there was one that was a bit perplexing with fury grey underside of the leaves and a green shiny top. At first from a distance I thought the buds were willow catkins but up close they were fresh leaves poking out. After carefully looking through our Britain and European Tree book, and then looking things up online, we decided it was a white poplar. You learn something new every day! Using the RSPB Handbook to British Birds we also confirmed that the great view of a little brown and white bird was in fact a tree creeper. A lovely walk!


  1. It was a lovely walk and Jennie was very informative! I learnt lots of new things :)