Friday, 27 April 2012


Oxfam and Marks and Spencer have been working together for years. I shop at both which made their old scheme, where you could trade in M&S chothes at Oxfam for an M&S voucher, very appealing.
Yesterday I saw their newest partnership plans, shwopping.

How many clothes are sat in your wardrobe which are never worn? Too big, too small, not your style anymore, never really was your style? Why not free up some space for a new must have item, now when you go shopping at M&S take along an old item of clothing and hand it in, it doesn't even have to be from M&S. The clothes get sold on again or recycled and any profits go to Oxfam.

Their aim is to donate and recycle as many clothes as they sell which would be fantastic. It's time for a fashion revolution and I love it. But if I haven't convinced you watch the video below, I'm sure Joanna Lumley can. Let's get Shwopping!


  1. What a great idea but that 'new must have item' is still enforcing the ideology of consumption for the sake of it. Why not wear the original clothes (unless they no longer fit) style or no style.


    PS can you contact me through I'd like to ask you a couple of questions and get your thoughts - thanks

  2. Completely true Davo. But as someone who still wears some items of clothing bought before she took her GCSEs (they're quite stretchy, I have grown since then!) I am aware that, very occasionally, new clothes must be bought and old clothes just become unsuitable- or so I am told by my loved ones. So, while we're working on changing people's ideas about how to shop (quite a big job)lets encourage them to recycle the old ones, and maybe they'll start thinking whether they really need a new top or whether they can improvise with what they have. If nothing else it's a good reason to have a rummage at the back of your wardrobes to find out what's there!