Friday, 29 June 2012


Food waste is a huge issue in the UK. An average family spends about £50 on food waste each month so anything that can help us reduce waste is a good idea.

Whether it's food waste collection bins from our council, to make sure any food we do waste is composted and recycled. It also helps us reduce our waste by making us notice how much we throw away. I've definitely started using things up more carefully now I can see all the waste we make.

The runner up in this year's The Apprentice was promoting a new idea to avoid food waste. His new website, Whisk, lets you plan your meal for the week (or longer), links you straight to the shops and calculates how much of which ingredients you'll need, and let's you buy it from the cheapest store. So, you can reduce food waste by buying the right amounts and planning to do with your leftovers. There's even a section to help find recipes for what you have left at the end.

It's not perfect, I'd love to be able to buy from veg boxes and local producers on the website too. But anything that makes shopping, cooking and reducing food waste easier must be good. What do you think

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