Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pizza Facts

Yesterday I was in Pizza Hut for lunch and I noticed a few facts up on the walls. Firstly, that all the mozzarella used is from Welsh cows. This sounds good. We all know that local food means less air miles, less emissions from transport and that's good for the environment. Supporting local (Wales is more local than most places we get our food from) producers is good for the economy too.

Many restaurants are now advertising when and where they use local ingredients, and it works because I often pick a meal because it uses those products. But it's much less often that you see a whole menu with details of where everything comes from. If it's not local the origin is rarely put on the menu. It would be interesting if they did. Then, like when I'm shopping, I could avoid ingredients which have been flown in from the other side of the world. Like the samphire (a very traditional UK salt marsh plant) that had been flown in from Israel for sale in a UK supermarket.

The other fact I noticed was that the only chicken used on the Pizza Hut pizza's is chicken breast. Now I've seen this in lots of places over the last few years and I can understand that it might be the best piece of the chicken, but what's wrong with the rest of it? If I'm going to eat meat (and I can't see myself becoming veggie any time soon) I'd much rather eat every part of an animal, maybe not all in original form (I love liver pate but hate liver) but I want it used and not wasted. So I'd be quite happy with non-breast meat on my pizza, and for those bits that really aren't that appealing I'd probably be quite happy with them as chicken nuggets.

So, two Pizza Hut facts, both of which the restaurant are proud of. But in my opinion, only one really green fact, the other a little wasteful really. What do you think?

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