Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Well today I was all set for taking bags and bags of old unwanted items to the charity shop. But as I got there I realised it wasn't open today! It'll have to wait until another day.

In one house I'm amazed how many things there are, particularly things that I had forgotten were here. Old presents, odd bits of fabric, even a few things we thought we'd thrown out ages ago.

My favourite reused item this week is a piece of Christmasy fabric a friend wrapped a present in for me a few years ago. It's been kept as a "I'll use it one day" things since then and during tidying I finally found a use for it. It's being turned into a pin cushion and also a needle book for all those sharp pointy sewing items I have lying around that should really be somewhere tidy and save. Since I do most of my sewing around the festive season (lots of lovely present plans already) it seems fitting that my sewing kit should have a similar theme. Picture will follow when they're both finished!

What can you find a new use for in your home this week?

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