Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Thoughts of Home

As we reached the Northamptonshire border earlier today I remarked
Well now we're inside the county we're bound to see loads of red kites straight away!
 This was only slightly jokingly but I wasn't expecting one to swoop over the road within seconds, which it did. Neither was I expecting to see eight in what can only be described as a flock coasting in circles over a field further up the road.

These fantastic birds (with a fantastic reintroduction story) are quickly re-establishing themselves as an icon of Northamptonshire wildlife, much like the cough's of Cornwall or bitterns from the Norfolk Broads to the Somerset Levels. It's great to see wildlife flourishing but with such wide ranges we need conservationists to use joined up thinking and land use to maximise their chances. The change in the weather since I last visited Northamptonshire is impressive (about 10 degrees warmer!) but in the last month and a half conservation issues haven't changed too much. Last visit I wrote about joined up conservation and how we could all help wildlife in a little patch of our garden. For a reminder have a read here.

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