Friday, 6 July 2012

Green Buds

The weather hasn't been great recently. We've had lots of rain but in between the storms it's been hot and sometimes even sunny. So, while it isn't great weather for bbqs it has been good for growing things. The garden's gone a little wild and everything's coming into blossom or shooting up to the sky so it's time to for a garden update.

The runner beans have little red buds on them and they've grown almost as tall as my shoulders. They'll need to grow lots more before they produce beans but it's looking good so far.

 The hanging baskets I made are giving the walls nice colour and being high up keeps them safe from slugs mostly too. With all this rain I haven't even had to water them either!

The two plants that have grown the most are the honeysuckle and the sweetpeas. The honeysuckle is taller than the wall now and will hopefully fill out and thicken before flowering later in the season. This should fill the garden with a gorgeous scent along with the sweetpeas which already have buds on. I'm really looking forward to seeing what colour the flowers will be. More garden updates soon!

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