Friday, 13 July 2012

Livingroom Wildlife

I would never count myself as a "twitcher" and I'm not sure I'd even call myself a birdwatcher, more of a nature lover but then sometimes, certain events make me wonder. 

For example, recently I was watching a news report from Madrid on television when I had to turn the sound off to check that the screaming swift noises were coming from the television rather than outside our house. I then noticed the swifts clearly visible over the rooftops in the background of the shot. I have no idea what was said in the news item, but bird watching from my living room probably means I have more than a passing interest in wildlife.

Speaking of swifts the RSPB is asking everyone who sees or hears them this summer to get in touch and help count and map swift numbers in the UK. Swifts only tend to make their distinctive screaming noise when they're close to nests and this makes it easier to find nests without actually having to see them. Unlike swallows they'll never be found perching on wires and can even sleep mid air! For more information about swifts see here and to complete the swift survey (whenever you see them or if you're missing your normal local swifts this year) go here.

File:Apus apus -Barcelona, Spain-8 (1).jpg

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