Monday, 3 September 2012

Shuffle At The Top

It's a busy day for political news and quite a lot of it is (or can be) related to the environment.

The Green Party has elected it's new leader (Natalie Bennet) and deputy leader (Will Duckworth). Ms Bennet has quite an impressive CV; she can sheer a sheep as well as having the World Health Organisation and United Nations as previous employers. But I expect this role with be her most challenging yet. With  airport expansion plans again afoot, threats to the countryside and watering down of planning regulations on the horizon there are already battles being found on top of the many other key issues the Greens fight for including their No Cuts policies.

It will be interesting to see whether this change at the top affects how the party is seen by the media, or if they get more coverage now they have an MP and leader separately. Only time will tell but the more green (note lower case!) voices that are heard in politics the better I say.

Speaking of changes at the top the first cabinet reshuffle is expected from David Cameron in the next few hours. I wonder how many sleepless nights Mr Cameron has had thinking about who to have in the positions at Defra and Decc. Who would make the best informed choices to minimise climate change? Is there someone with expert knowledge on how to protect endangered species and keep the government's promise that no UK species will become extinct during this parliament? Maybe a new face with a background in renewable energy?

Or maybe the decision of who goes where will be based more on who needs rewarding, who needs putting down a place and who needs to be kept happy. I find it strange that the environment and farming positions aren't bigger deals, they control our food and our future air, water and resources and for any government thinking long term sustainability, whether it's economic or environmental, these subjects are key to any governments plans.

We'll have to wait to see what morning brings...

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