Friday, 31 August 2012

Kitchen Wildlife

There has been an unusual visitor to our kitchen this week. Over the last few days we've found four or five medium sized bright green caterpillars on plants by the window, including our chilli plants.  They've also been found on cookery equipment and since no new plants have been brought into the house recently (not even lettuce) we haven't a clue where they're coming from.

While I don't mind caterpillars, in fact I think they're very cool, I don't really think the kitchen is a safe or sensible habitat so those that have been discovered have been released into the garden. There was even one that had started to form a chrysalis and so we cut the stem of the plant it was on and gentle moved it into some bushes in the garden. I hope that was the right thing to do!

If anyone has any explanations to the little creatures' origins I'd love to hear, or if anyone can guess at what type they might be - I didn't manage a picture unfortunately.  Has anyone else noticed a sudden emergence of caterpillars?

In other news, after last weekends kingfisher sightings I was surprised and pleased to find myself in the right place at the right time on a visit to Exeter this week. Sitting on the banks of the river we saw a glimpse of blue and a flash of orange and then, after a few patient minutes waiting with baited breath, we were rewarded and we saw a kingfisher flying along the other bank and even heard it's squeaky call. Brilliant!

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