Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Change of Colour

There's a lot of DIY going on in our house at the moment. I'm sure I could put more effort into finding eco-friendly paint but as with many green topics it all comes down to how much time you have and how much effort it involves.

I was pleasantly surprised however when reading the back of the paint can I was using. Under disposal it says you should never throw paint away, or pour it down the drain. Very good advice which protects the environment, who knows what's in that paint and whatever it is I'm sure it wont be the fishes favourite! It also  says you can contact your local authority to find a site which will dispose of your paint safely or, which is the bit I like best, it suggests passing leftover paint onto friends who might need it or taking it to a charity shop for resale.

Passing paint onto friends is a lovely idea, especially things like white gloss which most people will use at some point. Maybe it's time to start paint parties, like swapping parties. I'll definitely ask around friends and family before buying new paint next time, although In don't fancy the idea of mix and match off-white colours on one wall!

Paint in charity shops is an interesting idea. I can't say I've ever seen it, but then I've never been looking. I also have no idea if they'd accept it as a donation. Similarly with paint from friends the problem with second hand paint would be that you might not get the exact colour you wanted. But for things that you don't mind what colour it is, again I expect many off white things, it would probably work.

It's another part of life I hadn't ever really thought about before, but I'm sure while I'm painting walls over the next week where I get my paint and what I do with it afterwards will be on my mind.

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