Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I'm back looking at the McDonalds alphabet today and we're up to...

E ... is for the energy we're saving each year in our restaurants. 

Saving energy is one of those green activities which makes financial sense as well as environmental sense. It would have been nice to know the figures of how much energy they saved every year.

F ... is for all our free-range eggs.

I presume this means that McDonald's only use free-range eggs. That's fantastic and a great example of where big business can really make a change. If all big businesses switched to just free-range thing of the difference that would be made. I wonder if their meat is free range too.

G ... is for green. We recycle used cooking oil into bio-diesel for our trucks.  

I don't know much about bio-diesel. But reusing cooking oil (which has got to be one of McDonald's biggest waste sources!) is really good news, and I presume must be more green in the tanks of the truck too. Well done!

H ... is for the hours we spend each day training our staff -16,800 on average.
Always good to know staff are being trained regularly and progressively but I'm not sure this should be celebrated an huge amount. I'd expect McDonald's to be training staff, that's kinda their responsibility. Perhaps they mean training in a non-McDonalds role, so helping to raise education levels. If so, much better and much more impressive and still the number is quite impressive anyway.

We're not even half way through the alphabet yet! But we'll take a little break before getting onto ingredients, jobs and football.

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