Friday, 3 August 2012

Fast Food Facts

It's been a busy few weeks and I've been travelling around a lot and so, not inevitably but predictably, I've had quite a few fast food meals. In McDonald's I was looking at their new(ish) A-Z campaign which gives lots of facts about all the good things they do. Some do seem pretty good, others seem a bit aesthetic.

A  ... is for the lovely apples in our fruit bags
I suppose reminding people they don't just sell burgers, and sell healthy things too, is a good thing. But it would be nice to see that the apples were local, British, organic or at least sustainably farmed too.

B ... is for the 100% British and Irish beef in our burgers
This is good. Great to see local food being used. Amazing that this is a point that needs to be made really. Big companies should be supporting UK growers, and I hope that they're paying a good price to the farmers too, rather than pushing costs down to make a bigger profit.

C ... is for the chicken breast meat we only ever use
This is a pet hate of mine (I've blogged about it before) that all of an animal should be used if you're going to kill it for meat. If I'm going to eat the odds and ends and leftover bits of chicken I'd rather have it in a nice chicken nugget, tasting good and not looking like the odds and ends of a chicken. So I'd count this as a bad point for McDonalds.

D ... is for did you know 80% of our packaging comes from renewable sources?
No I didn't, but when I think about it there's a lot of paper and cardboard used. Plastic straws and plastic sauce pots as well as waxed drinks cartons are probably the only non-paper/cardboard used. This is great, but I'd be very interested to hear if they recycled it afterwards. Maybe that's something we'll find out as we move down the alphabet.

That's enough about Mcdonalds for now, but I'll be returning to talk about more of their alphabet in another blog. It's definitely interesting to see how many different aspects of sustainable living go into just one fast food meal.

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