Monday, 12 August 2013

Fluttering By

Yesterday was the final day for the Big Butterfly Count.  Did you do it? I did. Admittedly I did leave it to the last minute, yesterday afternoon, and so I didn't get the best butterfly conditions; windy and cloudy, but at least it wasn't raining. at the time of writing this blog over 37,000 counts had been done!

This was the first year  I took part in this mass participation survey. I'm much more used to the RSPB's Big Garden Bird Watch   but thankfully unlike that annual event it didn't feel like all the wildlife had fled the area as soon as the clock started ticking for the count.

Since I don't have a garden I chose our street as my watch site. Looking from our window I could see all the front garden's along our road which are normally covered with butterflies, bees and other insects. Over the 15 minutes period I saw a large white butterfly in one clump of flowers and two small whites fluttering around together further down the street. I didn't see any moths though which the count also looks for.

Being only 15 minutes long means there isn't really any excuse not to do the count. Unless you're out of the country who wouldn't have 15 minutes somewhere in the three week period to look at the butterflies and moths around them? As with any local nature watch it's a fantastic opportunity to look at the wildlife that's right on your doorstep, and discover something new. I'll definitely be looking along our street a little closer now. Rather than just thinking "oh, another white butterfly" I'll be taking note of the size and colours to see if it's a large, small or even a green veined white. What wildlife have you noticed appearing around you this week?

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