Monday, 5 August 2013

Swimming in the Rain

This week I made a brilliant discovery. Topsham (a small village near Exeter) has an open air swimming pool heated by solar panels! So, I spent a happy hour swimming under a cloudy sky watching starlings, pigeons, gulls and swallows fly overhead. I forgot how much I love swimming in the rain, there's something very special about swimming outside.

I normally feel a bit guilty about how much energy is needed to heat swimming pools so this one, also run by lovely volunteers, is a welcome change. I even got the bus to the pool rather than driving.

If you fancy going even lower energy swimming (for pool heating, it will still use lots of your energy) you can try wild swimming. Something I haven't been brave enough to try yet, but the idea is very appealing. To find a place to swim and relax under the open sky near you why not check out the Wild Swimming website.

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  1. Wild swimming can be cool, but have you ever seen what they term "natural pools" (google natural pools) an even more nature friendly concept, they look very cool.