Monday, 21 November 2011

Climate change

There have been two news stories I've heard in the last week about climate change.

The first was that the intergovernmental panel on climate change released a report saying that more severe weather such as floods, storms and heat waves are expected over the next few decades as a result of climate change.

The second was that European bird's migration seasons and locations are beginning to change due to climate change. Some birds are moving further north, so we will see more of them, and some are moving so far north that they will pass by our shores without stopping. The time migrating birds spend in their winter stopovers is changing too. Eventually these species will have no further north to go.

These two stories indicate some of the ways our world is already changing as a result of previous generations actions. The result of our emissions will not be felt for year to come but they will be felt. We must act now to reverse and limit our negative impact on the world, and leave it better not worse for future generations.

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