Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tree Week

This week is National Tree Week, the UK's largest celebration of trees and the start of the winter planting season. Between 26th November and the 4th December groups around the country will be holding events that promote local treescapes and educate people about the wonders of trees.

Started in 1975 this week long celebration of our largest plants is organised by the Tree Council, the UK's leading charity for trees which was set up to promote tree planting around the country.

Trees are a vital part of our natural world. They take in carbon dioxide, give out oxygen and provide food, shelter and resources for building. So why not join one of the thousands of events around the country and plant a tree this week? Many member organisations, up to 200 schools and 8,000 Tree Wardens are supporting the initiative with fun, worthwhile activities for everyone. Their aim is to involve a quarter of a million people in the week and to plant upwards of a million trees.

All the events can be found on the events map here, and you can look at previous events here.

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