Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hello World

This is my first blog and I'm sure it will be the hardest. What should I say to you, whoever you are, reading my first blog for the first time?

Lets start with why I'm writing this blog. Mainly it's to help me take a closer look at my life. To explore the impact I have on my environment and whether being green means losing out or whether it can actually mean improvements for me. People start blogs when they start the gym to help them keep it up, and I'm hoping that writing a daily blog about me and the environment will encourage me to think more and green up my life. If you stick with me and keep reading you'll discover if I manage it!

I am 22 and live in Preston, Lancashire. Having recently graduated I've decided to spend 6-12 months working part time and volunteering for environment charities in my free time to gain experience in the environment sector. I can't claim to be new to environmental living, any of my previous housemates can vouch for my recycling obsession and tendency to follow people around turning lights off after them. However, having recently left home, this is my first chance to be in complete control of my life and how I choose to live it. So now comes the decisions between ready meals in plastic packaging or home cooked organic soups, between walking upstairs to get a jumper and a blanket or turning the heating up.

Each day I'll talk about an aspect of my day, environmental news story I've seen or general green topic. How it effects individuals, what the wider issues are and what we can all do to make our lives more sustainable. So if you're interested (or if I haven't got you hooked yet-maybe I will tomorrow!) keep reading. 

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