Saturday, 24 September 2011


Today is the Autumn equinox, so it's longer days and shorter nights from now on. There are plenty of other signs around that the seasons are changing; that familiar chill in the air, blackberries in the hedges and the changing colour of the leaves.
It's easy to miss the gradual changes when we're tucked up in our houses and away from the countryside. Today I went looking for a feel of autumn, I visited Beacon Fell Country Park for the first time, and it was great! It's a wood on top of a hill full of  wildlife, quite a few people and (today) rainy fog.
Walking around there were great views of the surrounding countryside and it was an autumnal picture of fields, moors and, in the distance, the sea. The distant shoreline was particularly interesting as you could pick out Blackpool Tower and pleasure park, an onshore wind turbine and the offshore wind farm just outside Morecambe bay. I've never seen an offshore wind farm before. I quite like how they look, dozens of tall points on the horizon, almost like they're standing guard on the coastline.
I wasn't just looking out from the hilltop though. There was lots to see in the park too. Within minutes of getting out of the car we passed some people looking at a shrew they'd found and among the birds we saw were:

It was great to get outside and into Autumn. It's an exciting time, whether you're kicking up colourful leaves on a walk, picking yummy fruit for crumbles and pies or using it as an excuse to snuggle up in lots of jumpers and blankets rather than turning the heating on. Autumn shouldn't be thought of as the sad end of summer. It's a brilliant time of year.

What tells you it's Autumn? 

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