Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Day for Thoughts

A few weeks ago I talked about a job advert for an environment coordinator in the Guide Association. Back then I mentioned that this year's Thinking Day had an environmental theme, and now that day has arrived.

World Thinking Day was started back in 1926 and the date is special to both Guides and Scouts as it is the birthday of both Lord Baden-Powell and his wife Olave, the founders of the two movements. Each year young people (and adults!) around the world take some time to think about others in the organisations and give thanks for them.

This year's Thinking Day has the theme of the United Nations 7th Millennium Development Goal:
We can save our planet

and encourages groups around the globe to hold events and take actions to protect the world we live in and raise awareness of the impact our lifestyles have on others.

Climate change and other environmental catastrophes are a global problem. But it's a sad fact that they will affect the poorest, least developed regions and countries the hardest. Funds raised by today's events will go to helping projects and Guiding groups in these areas as well as setting up projects across the globe. it's important to remember that not recycling or leaving a light on here in the UK will cause terrible damage to other people in the world as well as wildlife and the environment.

Once today is over Guiding won't forget about the environment though, as I said in my earlier blog there are lots of environment projects around the world run and supported by guide groups. They are also sending a delegation to the Rio+20 conference this June, that will be the one our Prime Minister is too busy to attend.

This sustained commitment to educating others and changing our own lives to improve and protect our environment shows both the passion and people power that groups like Guiding has. So today, have a look at their website, get involved in an event or just take a moment to think about your impact and what you can do to save our planet.

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