Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tips of Spring

It's been a week or so since I managed a walk along the canal so when I set off on Sunday I was hoping to see some nice big chances to show that Spring really is on its way.  I did find some, and it was much warmer than normal, but February is very much all around still. 

My picture from the bridge definitely doesn't look very spring-like...

The new season is on its way though, and pushing themselves slowly into view are the first shoots of new growth as well as some mysterious green plants that I'm hoping will have flowers so I can find out what they are.

But less nice is the huge amount of litter everywhere along the canal. It's on the banks, in the water and, having seen a dead duck in the water, I'm sure isn't good for wildlife. The canal is such a beautiful place, it's a pity I'm longing for green shoots to spread partly so that the rubbish is covered up again.

Day two into Fairtrade Fortnight and my purchase for the day is a bar of Cadbury's Fairtrade Milk Chocolate. When Cadbury's decided to make the UK's top selling chocolate bar Fairtrade they trebled the amount of Fairtrade cocoa sales from Ghana. A great first step for a big retailer, hopefully we'll see more soon.

The Fairtrade product I researched is a bit unusual, in fact I'd completely forgotten it existed until now. I'm not sure I've ever seen Fairtrade Cola in shops but it's a great idea. I'd never think about buying sugar that wasn't Fairtrade but I've never considered all the products I buy which have sugar in them too. Just like any other Fairtrade product buying these drinks guarantees that the Malawi farmers growing the sugar get a fair price. Definitely keep a look out for these bottles in shops near you, or look up your local stockist on the Ubuntu website.

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