Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What's Right In Front Of You

 Writing a green blog every day often means I'm looking for environment and nature stories in everything and everywhere. But sometimes it really is right in front of your eyes, exactly where you're not expecting to find it.

When I was putting some recycling away I found I was looking at the back of a Stella Artois bottle. Normally not very exciting but in big letters in the middle it said 
75% recycled glass
 Help us increase this level by recycling your bottle.

and on the website there's lots of interesting facts and plans about how Stella are going to keep making their products more eco friendly. Have a look, I've never thought about beer or beer bottles in so much detail before!

Later in the day I was writing myself a note when I noticed the writing on the pen itself. It said

made using  biodegradable corn starch.

I've had corn starch pens before and I think it's a great substitute for petrol based plastic ones. They're easier to recycle/dispose of as they're biodegradable, and so they decompose in the soil quickly. In the past I've even had pens which have seeds in the lid so that you can just plant it all once it's out of ink and get plants back.

It's amazing the environment facts that are all around, even when you're not looking, and it's fantastic to see eco friendly products out in the market being used by mainstream companies who are trying to green their lives too. I wonder what eco products you can find lurking in your home.

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