Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Turning Tides

On Sunday we had fish and chips for tea. The menus and posters all said "Sustainable Icelandic Cod and Haddock" which surprised me since I didn't know the fish from Iceland was sustainable. A quick look online and I found lots of articles on the subject.

On the Marine Stewardship Council's website there are details of the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries Certification Programme (IFR) which certifies sustainable Icelandic fishing practices. It's great to see that this programme covers fishing vessels, processing plants as well as other stakeholders in the chain of production.

I also found an article on the Guardian website from yesterday talking about a sharp rise in the number of sustainable seafood products on sale in the UK. This is great news and I'm glad the majority of search result I had from "Icelandic fishing sustainability" were positive stories, maybe the tides are beginning to turn on sustainable fishing.

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