Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ten Lords a Leaping

In the New Years Honours list there are 27 new lords, maybe more than ten of them will be leaping with joy about it.

Next to each name there is a short description of career or reason for the honour. In these descriptions, in over 90 pages of names, environment appears fourteen times, conservation seven times, nature once and sustainability once. Of those with environment in their job or service description there was one knighthood (Prof Robert Watson Chief Scientist at DEFRA), two CBEs, four OBEs and seven MBEs. Lots of the names work at DEFRA or the Environment Agency but many don't give details just saying "For services to the environment". Whatever these people are doing, whether it's in small community projects, working as wardens of nature reserves or working within the system to improve environmental legislation it's brilliant to see them in the list. Well done!

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