Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wintry Walk

Setting off for my walk today I was expecting it to be cold but sunny. I thought it would be bright and might feel quite like spring and it did until we actually reached the canal.

The paths along the canal were still frosty, the gardens were covered with frost and I even saw a couple of snow drops in flower. It definitely felt like winter!

Further along the canal was completely frozen over in pretty, hexagon feather patterns. It wasn't very thick but it shows how cold it is when things are still icy at 2pm.

There were lots of birds around again and we got very close to some long tailed tits fluttering around in the branches above. It was then that we heard a woodpecker drumming in the middle distance! I've never really noticed this before but definitely a sign of spring like I mentioned in my last Twelve Days of Christmas blog. A lovely wintry walk full of wildlife.

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