Friday, 13 January 2012

Slimming for Spring

It's that time again where I dip into How Green Are My Wellies by Anna Shephard. January is the time for slimming but not just your body, your bin and your stuff too. It's a time for clearing out old things to charity shops, regifting less wanted presents (but don't give them back to the original owners!) and slimming down food waste after Christmas to make sure we're not just wasting food.

Since moving to Preston I've enjoyed only having to empty the main bin once a week but it's time I starting looking at how often I have to empty the green food waste bin too. It goes to recycling and composting but it's still important to reduce all our waste, and make the most efficient use of resources as possible.

Really that's the key behind almost all environmental ideas. Not over buying on new clothes when you have ones at homes, planning what meals you'll cook so that you can buy just enough without binning any and only using the fossil fuels you need. It's good old fashioned thriftyness, something we can all relate to in the current economic climate.

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