Friday, 6 January 2012

100th Blog!

Amazingly this is my 100th post. I'm quite impressed that (allowing for computer failures) I've kept to my aim of blogging every day. We've gone from early autumn through to mid winter and by my 200th post we'll be well into spring again.

Last night was twelfth night and, following tradition, we took all our decorations down to avoid bad luck in the house. The tree has lasted well and doesn't look half as bald as I thought it would a month after we brought it inside. Clearing Christmas out feels quite refreshing and reminds me we're almost half way through winter now.

I couldn't say I enjoy the cold winter months, but the excuse to snuggle up in blankets and stay inside cooking wholesome meals is quite nice. Other than a few hours of snow in mid December we've only had rain and lots of wind this season. After several years of very snowy winters I feel like I'm still waiting for winter to kick in with white all around, but maybe we just won't get any this year. Already there are signs we're crawling out of the darkness as the days begin to lengthen and some bulbs I planted before Christmas are beginning to sprout tiny green stalks. I'm looking forward to the next season, but that's always the case, with new vegetables in my veg box, the change in the wildlife we see and a change in how wrapped up I have to get before going outside!

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