Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

Yesterday was Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. The way they calculate this is very dodgy, and in reality yesterday was probably no more or less depressing than the days surrounding it, but the rainy, cold, post Christmas wait for the first pay day of the year is definitely not filling people with cheer.

This slump in public spirits is partly explained by the desire for action, as with so many hopeful New Year resolutions which will have already been broken by now. When we do something to make things better, getting fit, saving up, learning a new skill, we feel better in ourselves and what could be better than saving the planet for the next generation? So for a quick mood boost after a possibly depressing yesterday I've found some online environment petitions to sign. Have a go and see how you feel, you might just find an inner activist within you! You'll definitely end the day knowing you've spoken out for nature and supported some amazing campaigns.

  • Vicarious liability for raptor persecution in England. When gamekeepers are convicted of the illegal killing of birds of prey little emphasis is put on the role the landowner or employer has in this terrible crime against nature. This petition aims to mirror the recent law in Scotland addressing the issue.
  • Petition Fish. The Wildlife Trust is pushing the government to stick to it's promises of Marine Protected Areas which it made law back in 2009. All wildlife needs protecting, even if it's offshore and out of normal sign. 
  • Veto the Forest Code. Greenpeace are doing a bit of angry tree hugging here. The new Forest Code in Brazil leaves huge amounts of forest open to new destruction. This petition reminds the Brazilian President how important the Amazon is to all people and the huge responsibility she has as one of it's main guardians.
  • Join the Rebellion. Another one from Greenpeace, Volkswagen have regularly opposed key environmental laws. Watch the video, join the rebellion and use the force to overthrown the darkside! (Look it up on Youtube for some brilliant videos)
  • Final Demand. Friends of the Earth are campaigning to protect clean energy suppliers and are urging an investigation in the Big Six energy companies. They want affordable, clean energy for the whole of the UK and they want it now.

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