Saturday, 14 January 2012

Green Fingers

After my lettuce success a few months ago the kitchen windowsill is full of plants again.  We rescued a chive plant from the garden which was missing presumed dead and is now thriving again, ready to go into salads and dips. The chilli plants that I planted along with the lettuce have been re-potted as they get bigger and a mystery basil has appeared with them, no idea where from!

I also planted some crocus bulbs before Christmas to give as presents and I kept a few for the house. They've just started to sprout and I'm looking forward to see what colours they turn out to be soon. My house mate's amaryllis is growing very fast too.

It's not exactly self-sufficiency but it's a start! Hopefully one day, with a bigger garden, we'll manage more than just salads.

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