Friday, 20 January 2012

Pedal Power

I had hoped the novelty of cycling to work would last a little longer than a week, but pedalling against the wind on a bitterly cold night yesterday wasn't that much fun. Getting home under my own steam and keeping warm from pedalling rather than freezing walking home or feeling bad about driving is still pretty good though.

There was a brief lighting failure when my back light fell off on my first ride (never to be found again) but a trip to Halfords later all was well. I was surprised how quick cycling is, my 45 minute walk has turned into a 17 minute cycle which is great on early mornings and late evenings. There's also the benefit of still seeing wildlife rather than driving right past it all. I've cycled past blackbirds and wrens in the dark mornings, squirrels and robins during the day but no hedgehogs in the park yet. I'm keeping my eyes peeled though.

So my verdict on cycling, even with the ice and bitter weather, is that it's still the best way to get to work. It's quick, clean and still quite fun.

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