Monday, 30 January 2012

Searching for Rubbish

After last week's little experiment of tracking what rubbish I created in a single day I began to wonder where my recycling actually goes once it leaves my house. I thought my council website would be the place to go, but after searching through the many useful pages on what can be recycled in my area I was still none the wiser. It's strange because Preston council are really good at telling us which items are recyclable and they are very keen on increasing recycling levels; so I wonder why the end location is such a mystery.

A general internet search didn't reveal much more either, several councils do give details of where the recycling and rubbish end up (here, here and here) but unfortunately not Preston. Judging the range of articles on the subject others have noticed this lack of information too and I wonder if people would be more keen to recycle if they knew where and what their old cans, glasses and boxes moved on to next. I love the pencil cases made from old tyres and the fleeces made from old plastic bottles.

Does anyone know how I can find out about where my rubbish and recycling go? I'd be really interested to  learn more. Another interesting question is how much of our "recycling" is actually recycled. Does it all get reused or does some of it get sent to landfill? More researched needed I think.

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  1. Have a look here Jenny