Friday, 10 February 2012

Tasty Foods

My last veg box delivery before St Valentine's Day, but I can't say the contents cast up thoughts of complicated romantic meals, more of hot stews and home made soups but with the current weather I think that's a good thing!

This week we had apples and clementines as well as our normal veg box which contained
Potatoes (UK)
White Onions (UK)
Carrots (UK)
Mushrooms (UK)
Tomatoes (ES)
Broccoli (ES)

definitely some good soup ingredients to keep us warm during this cold snap.

On another green food topic it's Green Week at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. For students and staff there are lots of green events including a local produce faire (I can vouch  for the ginger honey made the other side of Penwortham!), Wildlife Trust seed giveaway and tips on how to reduce your carbon impact. There were also some zebra burgers, not sure how green they were but they certainly got people talking! 

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