Saturday, 25 February 2012

Green Money

Banking's not something you'd normally think of as being green or not-so-green. But do you know where your savings are being used? Or where your loans come from?

You probably won't be surprised to know that many banks lend to oil companies but what about arms traders and oppressive regimes? There are a few banks which haven't written off or swapped their third world debts and who have no ethical or environmental policies. Banking is definitely not a very green industry.

Money is such an important part of our lives, if we're really committed to being green then we need to work on making our money green too. Thankfully there are several ethical choices for banking and today I've taken my first steps into green banking.

The Triodos Bank only lends money to people and organisations that make a positive impact, culturally, socially and environmentally. So you know while your money's sitting in the bank is still doing good. Also, they only lend money they actually have, that has been entrusted to them from their savers.

So now I know my savings will be used to make things better, not worse, and I can even look up which projects are being supported in my area on their website.  Near Preston they're working with the Blackburn Buddhist Centre, Organic Farming in Ormskirk and a medical centre in St Anns.

Do you know what your money's doing? Why not ask your bank for their ethical policies and find out, or even look into signing up to one of the fantastic ethical banks-definitely competitive in the current economic climate.

The best thing is, my money's growing and I know that just by leaving it in the bank I'm helping peoples, organisations and the world!

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