Monday, 13 February 2012

New Growth

We seem to be out of the cold spell for the moment and as the weather warms Preston returns to its normal mild, rainy climate. I didn't quite make it for a walk this week. Other than a cold and lots of rain I don't really have an excuse but I did make it far enough to take a photo of the canal. It really doesn't look appealing! 

While the banks still look bare and brown there are things growing. Lots of shoots are popping out of the undergrowth and before long there will be buds and catkins on the trees. At least the ice has gone so the wildlife has easy access to water again.

There is lots growing at home too. My crocuses have burst into life and flowers seem to be popping open every day. 

At this time of year I'm always tempted to go and buy daffodils or tulips from the shops to brighten the house up, but I've heard that bought cut flowers have a high carbon footprint. This year I'm going to look into this, so there'll be a flower blog coming soon! I hope I can find some eco friendly blooms to brighten the last few weeks of winter. For now the purple and white crocuses on our window sill make me smile whenever I walk past, certainly worth the wait as the grew for the last two months.

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