Wednesday, 14 December 2011

December- Getting Off The Seasonal Treadmill

Once again it's got to half way through the month before I get round to reading the December section of How Green Are My Wellies? by Anna Shepard. With the last chapter of the book we are reminded that Christmas isn't all about consumerism and that you can still been environmentally minded and have a fun happy Christmas.

Anna addresses the tricky Christmas Tree question and does a bit better than me by finding not only a British tree but also a potted tree, so it can be used again. I have no idea where our tree was grown, but it's something to aim for for next year. We also got our Christmas Tree recycling information from the council this week, so we'll be ready to compost it once the new year comes.

Anna also talks about how, after a disastrous episode on the tube one Christmas, she's taken to giving homemade or eco friendly small gifts. She points out that the thought really is the thing that counts and it's often a relief not to get a hugely extravagant gift;  as this often turns Christmas Day into a competition for who's spent the most money.

Reading this has calmed my frantic Christmas frazzled mind a bit. Christmas isn't about being stressed, it should be about sharing quality time with loved ones and enjoying warm rooms and good food and drink. After a busy week and a busier one ahead I was beginning to get drawn into the panic of the festive season. Instead I will take a breath, write a to-do list, and get on with cooking and crocheting my planned gifts-without worrying that people will think I'm being stingy and with the happy knowledge that I've put time and love into the gifts for those I care about without a huge environmental impact.

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