Friday, 16 December 2011

Early Mornings Aren't Easy

When I started this blog I said I'd write about my green successes and failures and this week there has been a lot of driving and not so much walking. I only managed one day when I didn't use the car at all and most of my journeys have been in Preston City. I've been working earlies and getting up an extra 45 minutes early so that you can walk across town in the rain and gale force winds is not a tempting thought at 5am. 

My work is two miles away, so I'm not quite breaking the "don't drive journeys under two miles" rule but it's really not that far. My excuse is that by driving I have an extra 90 minutes in the day and at this time of year that's vital time for cooking, making presents or just general household chores but I bet if I was this busy in the summer I'd still walk. With no more work (just volunteering from home) until the new year I'm sure I'll be better at resisting the temptation to drive to the shops than I have been driving to work but one of my new year's resolutions will definitely be to sort my bike out so that I can cycle rather than walk or drive in January.

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