Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Windy Walk

I had my last walk along the canal for a while yesterday. I'm always amazed by how much the temperature changes from season to season. At this time of year I can't imagine stepping outside without a coat, scarf and warm boots but in the summer I can't imagine being cold enough to need anything more than sandals, jeans and a t-shirt.

Having previously lived in Durham for four years I am still getting used to how rainy and windy the west of the country is. At least it makes you notice the changing seasons! Luckily yesterday wasn't rainy as I stepped out into the wintry, blowy afternoon and wandered along to the canal.  The leaves are all gone now but it's not cold enough for ice on the canal yet. There are still lots of birds around, and with bare branches they're easier to see. There are a few berries left but I hope people fill their bird feeders over Christmas because there doesn't seem to be that much food along the canal.

By January I expect the canal will be solid with ice-it has been the last few years- but for now it's a good source of water for wildlife in the area. People often remember to put food out for the birds in their garden but forget that water is vital too. Looking at the contrast between my first canal photo and my most recent one I look forward to seeing how much the view will change over the next season.

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