Sunday, 11 December 2011

Winter Visitors

Internet problems meant there was no blog yesterday so here is the first of two today to make up for it!

With winter comes a host of migrant birds and which birds arrive depends a bit on the wind direction and where you live in the country.
File:Waxwing DTAB.jpg
One of the best known migrants is the waxwing and I always look forward to seeing them in the winter. Last year was a very good year for seeing waxwings and they got to most bits of the country, even Preston! They live in the forests of northern Europe (in North Scandinavia and Russia) throughout the year and a few turn up on the east coast of the UK most winters. When berry supplies are particularly low large numbers travel long distances away from their normal habitat which is why so many turned up not just on the east coast but right across the country last year.

I haven't heard about many waxwing sightings yet this year, although I'm sure there have been some along the east coast. I know Chris Packham seemed disappointed that there hadn't been many sightings sent into Autumn Watch when I watched it a few weeks ago. In the waxwing boom that was last winter I saw a flock of waxwings in Preston in January which being almost on the west coast is pretty good going. I doubt I'll see any before I head back to the family home for Christmas but I'll keep looking- it seems their favourite haunts are supermarket car parks so keep your eyes peeled when you do your Christmas shopping!

If you want to find out a bit more about waxwings check out here and for up to date waxwing info look here.

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