Saturday, 31 December 2011

Seven Swans a Swimming

A few days ago I went for a walk around Stanwick Lakes. My parents "local patch" at home in Northamptonshire. An old gravel pits has been turned into a nature reserve and water sports centre and over the last few years it has become a popular place for local families and groups to spend some time exploring nature and getting some fresh air.

It's lovely to get outside when the Christmas festivities often mean being inside quite a bit, although I am enjoying spending evenings curled up near a proper wood fire again. The walk round the lakes gave us a breath of fresh air, and while it's still mild you couldn't have called it a warm walk as the cold wind reminded us that it isn't even January yet.

On my walk we saw lots of birds including geese (none laying though), several bullfinches and, most importantly, lots of swans. There were at least seven around and I also saw a signet which is slowly turning to it's adult white, almost grown up. Considering how strange some of the other lines in the song are seven swans swimming seems incredibly normal, although since all the UK swans are owned by the royal family the true love is risking a lot to give them as presents.

I didn't manage a photo of seven swans but here is a nice one of just two swans a swimming in the very cold waters of Stanwick Lakes.

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