Friday, 30 December 2011

Six Geese a Laying

Geese normally lay eggs in the spring, so I've always thought this line of the song was quite weird. However, as I walked into the local Waitrose last week I saw an article in their newsletter about this very subject which seems to prove that it's less silly than it sounds.

Due to the mild weather this year some geese in Cornwall started laying eggs in late November, months before normal. The free-range geese have never laid this early before. While traditionally the first eggs are laid around St Valentine's Day Waitrose normally start selling goose eggs in April for a two month period.

Maybe this is why six geese a laying is such a special gift in the song, it is a very special treat to have goose eggs at this time of year. People seem to be rediscovering speciality eggs recently as goose egg sales were up 49% this year compared to 2010. Other types of eggs are also appearing on shop shelves such as the ostrich, rhea and turkey.

I've never cooked or eaten any of these exciting eggs but since the goose egg is about three times bigger than a hens egg I would probably stick to scrambling or frying as I'd have no idea how long it takes to boil or what quantities to use for baking!

Since these early goose eggs are only appearing in selected stores over Christmas I doubt I'll even have the chance to buy one but at least I know the song line isn't impossible, just that the true love was very lucky to find some laying geese in December.

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