Friday, 25 May 2012

Green Gardening

On a visit to the garden centre today I was surprised and pleased to find lots of eco friendly products.

After a bit of searching we found the peat free compost. Amongst lots of other types there was only one without but it did turn out to cost less than the others. A nice surprise to find the green option being the cheap option too! If you haven't switched to peat free compost yet why not join the National Trust and Kew Gardens who have been using peat free compost for a couple of years now. Peat is one the the UK's most important habitats and due to its extensive farming in the past is now sadly one of our rarest.

I also happened upon some organic peas ready to plant out. What could be better, organic peas ready to plant out and then in a few months ready with free food to eat, all for under £2! Another nice cheap green option.

And after all this garden shopping I spent the day filling the yard with greenery. Another good day spent away from laptops and out in the fresh air enjoying wildlife. The sparrow chicks on our street have now fledged and are discovering our feeder. They're not as confident as their parents yet, but they're definitely enjoying the water bowl in this hot heat.

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