Monday, 14 May 2012


Recently I've been enjoying the sight of birds rushing in and out of gaps in rooves and walls in our street. I think some starlings are nesting 4 doors down and across from our garden there are definitely some sparrow nests under gutters. It's amazing when you stop and look at how many birds  are flying around, busily preparing for new arrivals or tending to young already hatched.

Before I moved to Preston I'd enjoyed years of watching sparrows nest on the wall opposite my bedroom window. Seeing how they carried dry grass into the same hole each year and then hearing tiny, chirping when the eggs hatched. In Prston the sparrows are still loving the new feeder and are in our garden hourly picking out seeds or sipping from the small dish of water we've put on the table; but this year I had no nest hopes for our garden.

That was until last night when we found two tiny blue eggshells speckled with brown on the floor by the back wall of the house. Since sparrows are the only visitors to the garden I checked what their eggs look like and the description matches ours perfectly. I don't know where the nest might be, whether the eggshells have been pushed out after a sucessful brood or an unsucessful attempt but it's very exciting to see them.

I will have a good look round when I get home today and hopefully have a sparrow nest update later in the week!

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