Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Putting a glass bottle in a rubbish bin would never occur to me. In fact I don't think I could bring myself to unless someone's life was at risk (what a weird situation that would be...). But then I am the girl who took a  university term's worth of plastic bottles home on the train to recycle at Christmas; because there were no plastic recycling facilities at the time and sometimes I forgot to refuse the water bottle in my lunch pack.

I accept I am probably not an average example of the populations recycling habits but I am curious what is. I would be surprised to meet anyone who doesn't recycle glass bottles because it is so much part of our culture now. But I know lots of people don't recycle their food waste in our area, even though bins, bags and collections are organised by the council. Yesterday morning there were five food waste bins outside waiting for collection, on a street of maybe 15 houses. 

It's all about habits. We all know how hard it is to break a bad habit, but it's just as hard to break a good one. So we need to start making good, green habits. After a week of consciously recycling food waste I bet you'll start doing it without thinking, and soon you'll start getting grumpy when you're somewhere without food recycling.

I've tried to find out how much waste is recycled in Preston, but the only figures I can find are a few years old; they were about 32% if you're interested. I would be really interested in what other peoples habits are. I'm really bad at recycling some things; like batteries. I don't bin them, but I rarely get round to finding out where I can recycle them, resulting in large battery collections being found around the house. I'm sure some people have battery recycling habits and don't even think about it anymore. 

What do you always recycle, and what do you wish you did?


  1. We have a battery recycling collection point at the Solaris Centre, bring em down!



  2. I am sure I have seen battery re-cycling facilities at all the major supermarkets. You don't have to buy anything there to deposit your battery. Also facility at the Ingol re-cycling site