Friday, 11 May 2012

Mystery Solved

In a break in the rain yesterday I finally managed to get down to the canal for a walk, the first time in months. Last time there were a few buds on the trees but now everything is covered in green. There's lots of birdsong around but other than occasional flickers in the branches you can't catch sight of the birds.

As I walked along the bank I found that the mysterious shoots (see below) that I saw on my last visit are in fact bluebells! And now the bank is a sea of blue and after the rain the smell is fantastic. I'm glad I found out what they were and I'll recognise them next year for certain.

The canal and streams are full to the brim too after all the rain we've had. Judging from a weather forecast I saw last week Lancashire seems to be one of the few areas which hasn't had severe flood warnings or droughts this year, just predictably wet.

The canal looks lovely in its spring greenery, and hopefully I'll be back down  there again soon to see how the season progresses.


  1. Hi Jennifer. If you don't mind my saying, Lancashire has had as much rain as everyone else, it's just that what the others call flooding, we call normality

  2. I entirely agree. It was just that on the weather forecast they showed the areas which had hosepipe bans, and those which currently had flood warnings and our bit of the North West seemed to be the only one not in a panic about something! Having been out in the rain I agree it definitely rains as much, if not more!