Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hungry Sparrows Update

I spent most of yesterday anxiously watching the new bird table to see if anything would land on it. But nothing did, almost certainly because it takes a little while for wildlife to get used to new things. This I know well but it didn't stop me peering out every five minutes!

This morning I'd almost forgotten about it but when I looked up while washing the dishes I found three sparrows hopping around and eating the seeds I'd put out onto the table. Just lovely to watch, and watch I did for about 5 minutes. They got bored of their new toy quite soon and returned to hopping around the ground (and my flower bed) pecking at everything looking for food. But they seemed to be picking things off the plants rather than eating them so I'm pleased I'm getting some natural pest control. 

As the days pass I hope the birds will get more comfortable on the new feeder, and stay for longer. I counted five sparrows today, three female and two males but hopefully I'll be able to reveal more species soon!

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